Parking Zone

Places of Parking:

  1. Jahar Bridge to Battala Bottom of Fly-over (Pillar No. 37 to 42)
  2. Old Motor stand (Both Side)
  3. Office lane from Ronaldsay Road to IGM Hospital junction (North side).
  4. Rabindra Pally Gate to ICA office via Gandhighat (East and North side).
  5. IGM Chowmuhnai to Orient Chowmuhani over Akhaura Khal (North Side)
  6. Orient Chowmuhani to Jackson Gate (North side)
  7. Jackson Gate To L.N Bari Temple Gate via Tulshibati School (East and South side)
  8. East Gate of Children park to North Gate of Rabindra Bhavan (West and South side)
  9. Rabindra Bhavan Chowmuhani to Orient Chowmuhani (Both side)
  10. Bidurkarta Chowmuhani to Colonel Chowmuhani SBI bank (East side)
  11. North Gate to approach of Astabal Bridge (West Side)
  12. In front of Radhanagar stand (West Side)
  13. Circuit house island  to Kunjaban Super Market (East side)
  14. Northern side of Heritage park (North side)
  15. Transformer to Ministers’ Quarter lane opposite to Mukta Dhara (West Side)
  16. Veterinary Council to Polestar Club (South Side)
  17. Astabal under pass to ST Corporation office (South Side)
  18. Kalapania Khal to South side of Fire Service office (West Side)
  19. Sankar Chowmuhani to Ramnagar Road No. 6 (West Side)
  20. Motor Stand to Ramthakur Sangha Fire Brigade (West Side)
  21. Netaji Chowmuhani to ICA office (North side)
  22. Khosh Bagan road adjacent pond (North and East Side)
  23. East side of Old Central Jail (West Side)
  24. NBRC Club area and Bamboo Market (East Side)
  25. Ambedkar School to Royel Cremation ground (North Side)
  26. Tamal Bastralay, GB area to Word office No. 07 (East Side)
  27. G.B public toilet area opposite to PWD office (South Side)
  28. Spaces opposite to RIPSAT at G.B area (West Side)
  29. Opposite to B.T College ground along G.B Abhoynagar road (West Side)
  30. Paradise Chowmuhani to flyover approach (North Side)
  31. College road near Podder Bari to Super Xerox  (East and North Side)
  32. Opposite to Old Central Jail to Prantik Club at Jail Ashram road (South Side)
  33. SBI Bank (Dhaleshwar Branch) to Ashram Chowmuhani (North Side).
  34. East side of Sahid Khudiram Bose School (West side)
  35. Ganaraj Chowmuhai to Purbassa via Ramthakur Mandir (North Side)
  36. In front of Math Chowmuhani Market to Kamarpukur par shop shed (South side)
  37. Near  M.L. Plaza, Mantibari road (North side)
  38. Purbasha Traffic point to Math Chowmuhani one side paid parking zone.
  39. In front of the G+5 Court building (Office land Side) of the District & Sessions Judge’s, West Tripura Agartala.
  40. From “ Bijoy Kumar Chowmuhani towards Sankar Chowmuhani” Over the cover drain (North Side)
  41. On the covered drain from back side of east Agartala Police Station till Mahanamangan Ashram (South side of the road).
  42. From Bhuturia Crossing till Bodhjung Chowmuhani (Eastern side of the road).
  43. Chittaranjan road on the eastern side of the road on the covered drain (Eastern side).
  44. Fire service Chowmuhani bottom (Fly over pillar no 59 to 64 A-2).
  45. From old RMS Chowmuhani upto Agartala Hospital (Both side).
  46. North Gate to Mara Chowmuhani (Northern side of the road).