One ways in Agartala City

  1. From UBST tri-junction (Near Satsanga) towards Bidurkarta Chowmuhani
  2.  Bidurkarta Chowmuhani towards Old RMS Chowmuhani.
  3. One way traffic except for two wheelers from Netaji Chowmuhani towards Netaji Statue, Gol Bazar.  
  4.  South to North direction along the Central road i.e. from M.G. Bazar to Kaman Chowmuhani.
  5. From Circuit House to G.B and G.B to Circuit House around old Raj Bhavan.
  6. Surjya Chowmuhani towards Orient crossing via Shakuntala Road. 

Vehicles under use of AMC, Police & District Administration shall remain outside the above restrictions in emergency situation.