Documents required while driving

Motor Vehicles (Driving) Regulations, 2017.

(38) Production of documents.-

1. The driver of a transport vehicle shall always carry with him the following documents in original, except for a document that might have been seized by an authorized person or authority, namely:-

    (a) driving license;

    (b) certificate of taxation;

    (c) certificate of registration;

    (d) certificate of insurance;

    (e) fitness certificate; and

    (f) pollution under control certificate.

2. The driver of a vehicle transporting hazardous or dangerous goods shall carry documents specified in rules 132 and133 of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989.

3. The driver of a non-transport vehicle shall always carry with him-

    (a)   the driving license and pollution under control certificate; and

    (b) certificate of registration and certificate of insurance or photocopies thereof.

4. The driver shall, on demand by police officer in uniform or an officer of the Motor Vehicles Department or any other officer authorized by the State Government in this behalf, produce the documents for inspection:

 Provided that a driver may, if any of the documents has been submitted to or has been seized by any officer or authority under the Act or the rules made the reunder or any other law for the time being in force, produce, in lieu of the document, a receipt or other acknowledgement issued by such officer or authority in respect thereof:

 Provided further that where the original certificate of registration or the certificate of insurance specified in clause (b) of sub-regulation (3) is not available with the driver, the owner or driver shall produce such documents before the competent authority, which had directed their production, within fifteen days, if required by that authority.